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Strength Training

I began weight training when I was 16 years old in a rundown armory in Lewiston Maine.  I fell in love with how it helped me handle stress in my life and i enjoyed feeling and looking strong.  I have incorporated lifting into my life for over 30 years.  

I teach a Pilates mat inspired weight class with dumbbells and endurance repetitions.  I find this form easier on the joints and hands.  


Essential Oils

I have discovered through my teachings of Yin Yoga and creations of skin products I have a passion for essential oils.  I am still exploring this newfound love and am excited to see where it takes me.  

For now I use essential oils in my Yin Yoga class.  They help calm the autonomic nervous system by engaging the vagus nerve.  When inhaled, the oil molecules travel directly to the brain and impact the amygdala or the emotional center for the body. 

Essential Oils are a great way to begin any yoga class, inducing calm and relaxation. 


Restorative Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is designed to stretch the fascia (the web that holds us together internally) and ligaments in our bodies. Pose holds are three to five minutes to encourage the fascia to release and the time spent holding these poses is similar to meditation. 

Yin Yoga can help you let go of emotional pain and physical discomfort. It can be a great addition to an active life, creating balance and harmony. It inspires spirituality and peace and is a great tool for healing and moving forward when one feels emotionally stuck.  

My class has evolved to incorporate restorative poses with the yin yoga to ensure a smooth transition and a more meditative and inward practice. See my schedule for times and prices.



Reflexology is a type of massage involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet. In theory, points in the feet correlate to parts of the body.  Applying pressure to the areas can help restore energy flow not only in the feet, but to the body as well.

I no longer offer private Reflexology sessions, but I lovingly encorporate it into my restorative yin yoga class.  


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